Maiden blog…… ;-) annnnnnd GO!’s “official”?, once I press “publish” ??… wow, SO much to say, so much to SHARE, and for this, I am UBER nervous. OMGSH!.. this WordPress .. there is SO MUCH to learn! I am amazed by the user friendly attitude and approach. I am a first time blogger, although I have journal ed most every day of my life. They have awesome tutorials, and I feel good about all I have learned thus far  although, it’s like drinking from a firehose ( especially for this gal, I am more of a hands on type person 😉 I feel like the first post, is like “opening night”, and I just want it to be something…, memorable, and if not for anyone else, at least for myself. I feel confident that this, is the first step, to all I want to do for this next phase of my life. I gotta start somewhere, right? Please be kind 😉  I so very much look forward to sharing, and seeing what THIS world of blogging is all about. I’m a wanderlust, I’m a writer, I’m a photographer, I’m an AMAZING cook, an actual Culinary Goddess, I’m living the blessed live on the beach in Mexico ( for now)  ..I am looking forward to the blogging journey! Well, here goes, and again, I ask…’s “official”?, once I press “publish” ?    Yup…. 😉




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