This #TBT “Throwback Thursday” thing…

Me, in HRCC (High Risk Civilian Contracting)

Me, in HRCC (High Risk Civilian Contracting)

Had to share..

This picture, (for me), represents,a start, a beginning. Little did I know, that this training, became A SOLID foundation for my newly incorporated career in security contracting.. GAH! I was SUCH a “rookie” here ! But ,thankfully with all the intensive training, I endured, andI worked my ASS off for, thoroughly embracing the good, bad, and challenging, starting with the basics, and nurturing these newfound skills daily- the skill sets that I have learned, (and still practice daily). I learned SO MUCH then,  over one of my most FAVORITE summers, in Camden, TN, I lay the claim of being the FIRST female to complete these hardcore ” HRCC” course series offered at Tactical Response. These courses GAVE me, the SOLID foundation, that I LIVE by to this very day. I attribute SO much of my career success to this time in my life. My motto that was ingrained to me then, and still is my LIFE MANTRA to this day is ” MINDSET”. This was the beginning of one of my most amazing  journeys, of working as a huge minority, in a less than idyllic place.. I was prepared, ready, and to this moment, I treasure every second of my training and experience I gained, that lead me to work in Baghdad, Iraq.

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  1. I’ve always thought that V-Day is phony; If you’re a romantic, it’s like being honest – you gotta do it all the time or it doesn’t count…


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