Today, and every day, I give thanks. I feel incredibly fortunate, and blessed in so many ways.

I have the most healthy, abundant, and joyous life. And for this, I am truly thankful, for each moment in my life.

Today, was perfect, in every way. consisted of waking up, with no pains, or any bad feelings, I awoke to see another spectacular sunrise, I paid tribute to my body, by practicing my daily yoga, and drank fresh safe water. I made an incredible breakfast for my husband, I got to have a lovely conversation with my daughter, Caitlyn. I did my daily chores,including hand washing laundry, as we do here in this part of the world. I put fresh sheets on our bed, and cleaned the bathrooms, embracing the great feeling of accomplishment, and satisfaction of a healthy, happy home that is also clean. I got to lay in the beautiful Sun, and swim in the Gulf of Mexico. I got to post 3 recipes on my cooking blog, I got to share some champagne with the man of my dreams. I got to cook an outstanding evening meal, that was healthy, and abundant. I am finishing my evening posting to my personal blog. I am thankful, and wished to express my gratitude. I wish the best for everyone, I wish that all can find inner peace through giving thanks. Pura Vida.  Namaste’


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